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    Berurim M.P Shikmim 7983700, Israel
    +972 (0)8-8502442

    Schanseind 27 4921 PM MADE

    Mark Sutherland

    General Manager

    Trevor Shaw

    Operation Manager

    Dawn Smith

    Finance and Administration Manager

    Marian Sanderson

    Bookkeeper Accounts

    Julie Cormack

    Customer Service and Relations Manager

    Holly Unwin

    Customer Service Administrator

    Leanne Hunt

    Communications Manager

    Chris Bratley

    Seed Distribution

    Phil Pywell

    Seed Distribution

    Nick Bolton

    Market Development Manager - Brassicas

    John De Soyza

    Market Development Manager - Roots and Field Salads

    Lorraine Shaw

    Product Development Manager - Leafy Crop

    Ellis Luckhurst

    Agent for South West and South Wales

    Tanya Kayes

    Product Development Specialist - Brassicas

    Kym Smith

    Product Development Specialist - Roots and Field Salads

    Harry Gray

    Area Sales Representative

    Sean Leather

    Area Sales Representative

    Andrew Brown

    Area Sales Representative

    Kieran Burton

    General Assistant