Our successes

Meet our successful varieties

The story of our success

For over a hundred years, we at Hazera have provided more than just seeds to grow tasty, nourishing fruit and veg. We work close with our partners around the world, walking alongside them to ensure our solutions help their communities flourish, too.Over the years, we’ve consistently developed ambitious seed varieties that respond to our partners’ needs. We don’t shy away from a challenge because our potential comes from within. This approach has seen our crops become staples in communities everywhere.

From the first tomato with a long shelf life to cherry tomatoes, to onions with the best yield and storability around.

Through it all, we’ve relied on powerful partnerships founded on trust. Our partners include growers, retailers, researchers and consumers. Together, we remain committed to resourceful and innovative thinking to drive creative solutions. These are just some of the major milestones we’ve hit along the way:

1978: Galia – a new type of high-yield melon that doesn’t sacrifice shape, color, taste or aroma (in cooperation with ARO)
1992: Daniela – the first tomato with extended shelf life (in cooperation with the Hebrew University)
1999: Mini Seedless Watermelon – the very first mini watermelon with a long shelf life
2003: Pointed Cabbage – the first pointed cabbage suitable for long storage
2008: Onions ­– the ideal combination of storability and high yield
2013: Tinty – the first red pointed cabbage
2018: Red Brussels Sprouts – a new color segment

All about the partnerships
It’s no accident our portfolio of crops is as diverse as our list of partners. At Hazera, we know we’re only as good as the variety of seeds we offer. And we’re only doing our job if our solutions work for our partners, too.

That’s why we’ve got a team of experts always ready to connect and take care of partners’ needs. We bring knowledge, commitment and support to every relationship. And we cultivate progress through direct conversation, dedicated research and quality certification.
Our team of agrotechnical experts actively engages to evaluate needs, assist with variety selection and provide guidance throughout the crop cycle. And they’ve got the credentials to back it up:

  • 1/3 of our staff is actively involved in Research & Development (R&D)
  • 20% of our annual turnover is invested right back into R&D
  • We maintain 8 breeding stations around the world
  • We also have 4 R&D centers

Quality guarantee
Every seed we pass on to growers is rigorously checked, ensuring it meets the strictest international standards. Our seeds meet the highest standard of germination quality and follow ISTA protocols.

  • Seed lots undergo extensive health tests, according to international protocols (ISTA, ISHI, ISF and NSHS)
  • Hazera meets three separate international accreditation standards (ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and NAL)